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[O.P.R.E.S] – unleash your full potential 
Branding | technical invention | exhibition design
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Am I good enough? Should I have decided otherwise? Have I wasted too much time? Am I really the best version of myself?

The motivation system [O·P·R·E·S] confirms the visitors' high potential for success, but then confronts them with comparisons to extremely successful – presenting a much better version of the visitor.

[O·P·R·E·S] sells itself as an innovative tool for the human-resource-management of large companies as well as a psychological performance improvement tool. In reality, however, it was designed to create deep self-doubt in the user. The predictive power of artificial intelligence triggers these deeply human emotions. Nobody is immune to this, and that is what ultimately distinguishes us from machines. In the rat-race of performance enhancement [O·P·R·E·S] drives us mercilessly in the excessive craving for success. 

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