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AttnGAN - November 1st 2019 at 5.08.49 P
This rebranding concept of Museumsquartier Vienna is based on a 
ever-changing democratic thinking in cooperation with an specific artificial intelligence program. 
Together with Maximilian Prag (2019)

The redesign of MuseumsQuartier is a collectivist approach. We belong together

in a world that drifts groups apart and separates through politics and policies of hate. Beeing collectivist is an integral part of humanity — pulling each other close and work towards a society, which cares and takes care of each other. A fair collective is, where everybody brings themselves forward and can decide. A democratic and integrated collective.We stand together as MQ and all its visitors and want 

everybody to have their voice in deciding.We connect with passersby's, regulars, workers, young and old, artists, locals and international visitors. Everybody gives and receives from Museumsquartier and is reflected in the logo and its manifestations. It is ever changing and a real time reflection of the space, that Museumsquartier inhibits and shapes, in respect also of its history.

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