experimentations and some older trash

Savezone (2020)

Crybaby  – is a virtual space, created in a lecture by digital artist Martina Menegon – go check it out :)  

Thank you zine  – 10 ways to reduce plastic waste


SICC ZINE  – My illustration was one part of the sicc zine which was created during cover19 by students of die angewandte. the concept is based on our daily quarantine life. The basis of this illustration was a song which was created by a German artist named cro. This are the lyrics that inspired me


Unconditional love is 
We don't even know it
Because if a person stops stimulating us,

we stop loving them
You're not interesting to talk to anymore,
But that real love, that love that sometimes is difficult
Difficult to have
That's that love“ 


COVID19  – This animation was made at the

beginning of the cover19 virus 

Moon River_Frank Ocean Type Animation​ (2020)


Font design for personal use (2019)

soon available in the shop ;) 

Creative Club Austria awards / young lions competition | together with Gerald Geier we created a popup concept store for manner austria (2019)

2D Animation tryout future super Mario​ (2019)

Font Creation together with Luca Laurence (2019)

Show off – spontankunst 

As a part of the diploma project »Show Off — Spontankunst« a creative competition was organized. In this competition the artists had to create a piece of art within 48 hours. The finished artworks were

exposed in an exhibition on the 22nd of April 2017. After the presentation a specialized jury elected the winner out of all candidates. For this project my team and I created a corporate design, a teaser magazine and the website of the project. 

diploma project together with Johanna Disslbacher and Stefan Kritzinger (2017)

Vienna in a nutshell – ar animation


This project shows a prototype of an animation for a tourist greetings card. The printed card has an Augmented reality function. This will make it possible to give a better feeling of the city to the receiver.To watch the video on the phone please download the artivive app. (2018)

If somebody is interested in doing this for real hit me up ;) 

Teaser Video for 

American horror story (2019)

in cooperation with Andreas Palfinger